Floral Friday Fotos 17/2016 – Helleborus niger

N° #17
(Noch eine zum Winter)

Helleborus niger, commonly called Christmas rose or black hellebore, is an evergreen perennial flowering plant in the buttercup family, Ranunculaceae. It is poisonous.
Although the flowers resemble wild roses (and despite its common name), Christmas rose does not belong to the rose family (Rosaceae). – Helleborus niger is an evergreen plant with dark leathery pedate leaves carried on stems 9–12 in (23–30 cm) tall. The large flat flowers, borne on short stems from midwinter to early spring, are white or occasionally pink
○ Die Schneerose, Christrose oder Weihnachtsrose (Helleborus niger) ist eine Pflanzen­art der Gattung Nieswurz (Helleborus) in der Familie der Hahnenfußgewächse (Ranunculaceae). „Floral Friday Fotos 17/2016 – Helleborus niger“ weiterlesen